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Nobody is Normal: Primavera Sound wants to be a space that is free from gender-based violence and discrimination

What is Nobody is Normal? It is an action to raise awareness of and take precautions against aggression and harassment towards those people who challenge gender stereotypes. The challenge is precisely that it should no longer be a challenge: each person marks his or her own norm.

Ok, that’s the theory. What about the practice? In the Parc del Fòrum there will be two awareness and information stands where you can go both to report any case of gender violence or discrimination that you have suffered or witnessed and to get information about the Nobody is Normal action. There will also be personnel walking around the site giving information and detecting possible cases.
Who is normal? Maybe, after all, there is not one new normality, but an infinite number. As many as there are people. By getting rid of the single standard, we reach one conclusion: fortunately, nobody is normal. Nobody. Not on the stage and not in the audience. At this edition which is so important, one which presents such a significant programme of musical equality and that highlights as never before bodies, aesthetic representations and ways of life that go beyond gender conventions, the effort of Primavera Sound to broaden minds could not limit itself to the line up alone. Because a line up is no more than that: a line up. What is really important is what goes on around it. It is everybody’s responsibility to ensure that nobody is left out.
Why is Nobody is Normal so important at Primavera Sound? We already told you last year: Fight for your right to party, party for your right to fight. In a place that is conducive to transgression as a festival must be, living your own gender expression and sexuality must never be a reason to suffer any type of violence or discrimination. Primavera Sound is also yours and nobody has the right to spoil it for you.
And what about No Callem then? After the positive experience recorded in 2018, the year of its implantation, the protocol No Callem against sexual harassment and aggression in night-time venues backed by the Barcelona Town Hall will continue to apply. Any incident will be dealt with by the staff of Nobody is Normal.

Why is it expanding? Because sexual aggression is only one type of gender-based violence that can happen in public spaces. Nobody is Normal acts against transphobia, homophobia, lesbophobia and any other attempt to perpetuate the distribution of functions and behaviour on the strict bases of what it means to be a “man” or a “woman”.

How can I help? We appeal to a respectful coexistence among all the attendees, but if you witness any case of aggression or inappropriate behaviour, do not shut up. You can communicate it to a member of our team: all the people who work in the festival have received instructions about the initiative and its protocol of action. And if you have any questions, come and see us.