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Jimothy is expecting you in Madrid and Barcelona in June

Hey, you, life is getting quite exciting”, says Jimothy with a little grin. And, you know what the kid’s right: despite everything, we are ok. Life in 2019 is funny. It is funny, for example, that an artist like him, who stole half of his first alias from one of the most iconic brands in the world i.e., Lacoste, makes something that is totally original, something with copyright, something that is impossible to label. There is no way of deciding whether his (to date few) songs are bedroom pop, hip hop, R&B, UK garage or all of them at the same time: maybe it is better just to agree that they are, neither more nor less than Jimothy® songs. 

As for himself (born Timothy Gonzales only 20 years ago) he is a wonderful epitome of a lack of definition on legs. We don’t know if he likes singing or if he simply does it to have an excuse to dance in his videos. Even though we have watched him live at Primavera Club 2018 we still don’t know if what he does can strictly be called dancing. We have no idea if his flow is catchier in English or in Spanish; whether his act is a concert or a performance; if aesthetically he is already in 2034 or he just dresses like your dad. We don’t have a clue either whether he is serious about music or if it is a meme that got out of hand. Who cares:  Jimothy takes our minds off all those little things in life that are just not fucking funny at all.
– concert in club time as part of Astin/Nitsa’s programme (doors open: 00:30)

Advance tickets for Madrid on sale at the price of 15 € (plus distribution costs) on Redtkt and Ticketmaster. Price on the door: 18 €.

Advance tickets for Barcelona on sale at the price of 16 € (plus distribution costs) on Redtkt. Price on the door: 20 €. (Plastic Club members free before 02:30, after 12€ / holders of Primavera Sound full festival card 12€)