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A radio, a cocktail bar, or a dance club? Abaixadors10 is so much more than that

  • The new cultural venue brought to you by Primavera Sound and Lateral Thinking will open its doors today with Yung Beef as its special guest

  • It will offer shows everyday that will combine live radio, a unique dance club and signature cocktails

In just a few hours, at 6pm, you will be able to climb the stairs of calle Abaixadors number 10 in Barcelona for the first time and be part of Primavera Sound whenever you want. Abaixadors10 will open its doors with a live edition of MagaSin, the afternoon programme on Radio Primavera Sound that will welcome Yung Beef as its special guest to trace a trajectory through the sounds of the artists that he himself has chosen for the new Primavera Sound stage dedicated to urban sounds.
But what is Abaixadors10 and what is this all about? It is not easy to define, because you have to come and experience it. Abaixadors10 is a place where… things will happen.  Some will be announced and others won’t. Some will be regular and others unrepeatable. A venue open to radio, to music, to the unexpected, to dancing and to chilling; a physical meeting point for the Primavera Sound universe. Located in the heart of the Born neighbourhood, this project which has been developed with Lateral Thinking will open from Monday to Sunday from 6pm to 2am (until 3am at weekends) and will allow you to experience live radio, DJ sessions and concerts, a sui generis cocktail bar by the group La Confitería and other cultural events that will make it a meeting point for the creative community of the city. An outline? Here you go:
Radio Primavera Sound will continue to broadcast from Abaixadors10. On air since the end of 2018, the radio part of Primavera Sound has over 100 programmes in Spanish (RPS-1) and in English (RPS-2), the majority of them recorded in these Barcelona studios. The opening of Abaixadors10 to the public means that Radio Primavera Sound also opens: each weekday evening it will be possible to see the broadcast of Magasin, live from 6pm, as well as other scheduled programmes. Forofestis will start live this evening at 8pm followed by El Bloque Radio (Tuesday), Queer Up with Futuroa (Wednesday), Savage Radio with Enrique Lorenzo (Fridays) and an evening edition of the English magazine Sprung (Thursdays). These are some of the proposals that make RPS so much more than a musical radio.

More than a radio station and more than a dance club. Immediately after and also during the weekend, the music selection will take over with a programme of DJs and selectors that will combine renowned residents with guest international artists. From Monday to Friday at 9pm the Silent Host Sessions will shine, with exclusive live thematic sessions on RPS in which anything will be possible: Forofestis DJs will kick off today with a session during which they will choose one song from each of the 50 best festivals of this year… but only songs by women. El Bloque DJs (Tuesday), Niwen Paola (Wednesday) and Sprung DJs (Thursday) will be among the silent hosts of this first week.
Once they finish, Abaixadors10 will turn into a small format dance club with a spectacular sound system that invites you to dance to the different conventions of contemporary urban and black music, from old school hip hop to perreo, from neo soul to trap, without forgetting, of course, the most hedonistic electronic music. In Abaixadors10 there will always be something for you.
When you climb the stairs of the historic modernist palazzo that houses the venue, you will have two options: on your right the Radio Primavera Sound studios and the dance floor, and on your left ABX10, the new cocktail bar by the La Confitería group. An experiential neon-lit cocktail bar, removed from the noise of the city, with signature drinks which have been especially created for the space. After the award winning cocktail bars, Paradiso and Dr. Stravinsky, Lito Baldovinos and Enric Rebordosa –the names behind the La Confitería group– will write a new chapter in the history of cocktail bars in Barcelona.

Abaixadors10 is here to fill a gap in Barcelona with a ongoing creative proposal that combines live radio, signature cocktails and an intimate dance club. The door will be open from today and it is completely free of charge. Now, you can experience Primavera Sound whenever you want.