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Dead Can Dance, double ceremony in Barcelona

  • Lisa Gerrard and Brenda Perry’s mythical band will celebrate 40 years of career on 20th and 21st May, in BARTS

When Lisa Gerrard sings the heavens open up over your head. No, better: when Lisa Gerrard sings the earth opens up beneath your feet. Tell you what, it doesn’t matter: let’s just agree that the voice of this contralto, almost mezzo-soprano singer, creates supernatural phenomena. The Australian singer of Dead Can Dance is the only real rival for Elisabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins to be selected as the most prestigious voice and the figurehead of the golden era of the renown label 4AD: her voice range floats like a sailboat on dreams, with water up to its gunwales. When she sings it is like the cry of a child and the torn tongue of a grandparent at the same time.
Any concert by Dead Can Dance is in itself a unique event, because it is always unusual not to say highly unusual. The band’s on-off-on-again career, marked by fake break ups and new beginnings, by fade-outs and reappearances, almost invites one to make a wish every time Lisa Gerrard and Brendan Perry decide to get on stage again. But this time, the tour that will visit BARTS in Barcelona for two nights (20th and 21st May) already by its name alone invites one to feel part of a special occasion: A Celebration. Life & Works 1980-2019.

Every single type of music in the world is invited to this celebration of 40 years of career (gothic pop and Gregorian chants, Celtic folk and ambient music, African polyrhythms and dark wave, new age and Oriental mantras, art rock and contemporary classical music…) so that the sounds combined seem to come from another world. Because at the end of the day, the common denominator of all the music that Dead Can Dance summon up is as irrefutable as it is absolute: beauty.

Tickets on sale from 42 € from Friday 7th September at 11:00am on Ticketmaster and the Sala BARTS website.