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Remember his name: Cuco will light up Barcelona and Madrid this autumn

Cuco is a child of his generation, generation Z. And if anything defines the post-millennial generation, apart from their digital birth certificate, it is that they have lost all prejudices. In the songs by Omar Banos, the American with Latin blood, stylistic barriers are non-existent. He starts off with a psychedelic ballad that gives off more heat than a volcanic eruption, he continues with a sticky-sweet hip hop track, he ventures into trap territories if necessary, alternates between English and Spanish, mixes vintage sounds with modern production… And he just can’t stop making music.

Then, it is totally logical that with his three releases so far, one EP per year since 2016 (the latest of which is Chiquito), Cuco has been able to seduce his peers, precisely through the algorithmic labyrinths of the Internet. They know what we will like even before we do, and apparently what we like is Cuco. Songs like Lo Que Siento and Lover Is A Day have millions of streams despite being self-released and everything seems to indicate that Mac DeMarco already has a successor.
On stage, Cuco becomes a lo-fi big band with up to nine members, transforming the intimacy of his songs into shared emotions. We will have the opportunity to live the experience for the first time in Spain thanks to Primavera Sound on 30th November (Gotham, Madrid) and the next day in Barcelona (La (2) de Apolo). And here algorithms will mean nothing: either you come, or in a few years you won’t be able to say “I was there”.

Tickets on sale now at the price of 16 € on Redtkt and Ticketmaster. On the door: 20 €.