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Mavi Phoenix’s irreverence hits Barcelona again

  • The new voice of exotic pop and urban music is coming back to Spain after performing at Primavera Sound in Barcelona and Oporto

Welcome, welcome to Mavi Phoenix’s jungle. Move those palm trees leaves out of the way and discover an exotic songbird, carry on along the path of electronic bends and you will get to a waterfall that gurgles with phrasing and autotune. This is the tropical and refreshing microcosm that will be recreated in Barcelona next November: on Thursday 29th, as part of Sidecar’s new programme of urban music SWEAT.

The Austrian singer of Syrian descent already topped all the best-of-the-year lists in 2017 with Aventura, but the two sides of her recent single Bite demonstrate that her journeys into urban music go further than exoticism. This is how one swings between sharp and agile lyrics, deceptive gentleness and a production that is not afraid of pop.

After her two concerts at Primavera Sound Barcelona –on stage at Primavera als Clubs and on the select Pitchfork stage in the Fòrum- and her performance at NOS Primavera Sound, this millennial icon is coming back to Spain so that we can enjoy her mixture of styles, languages and genres in venue format. She has a certain swagger and is well aware that although she still has a long way to go, she has already covered a considerable distance.


Tickets on sale now at the price of 15€ on Redtkt and Ticketmaster.