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Amen Dunes will invite us to go through the looking glass in Barcelona and Madrid

  • Damon MacMahon will bring his kaleidoscopic live act on 24th September to La (2) de Apolo and on 25th in Copérnico

Go into the desert alone, with a good supply of water and preferably towards sunset to avoid the midday sun. After walking for a while, it will be easy to find a record by Amen Dunes, although legend has it that it’s the records by Amen Dunes that find you. Don’t worry if initially the sound is too bitter, it’s normal. Just look for some shade, close your eyes and wait. Little by little the songs between the acoustic tremor and the electric drones of Through Donkey Jaw (2011), Love (2014) and the recent Freedom will form images, some sand-swept, others blinking, but which, with time will get clearer and more real. When you open your eyes, these sounds won’t disappear, but will become more vivid in a fractal explosion, that will be literally mind-blowing.
And now for the good news: to live this lysergic-musical experience you don't have to go to any desert. You just have to walk through the doors of La (2) de Apolo in Barcelona on 24th September or of the Copérnico in Madrid on 25th to see reality as Damon MacMahon sees it through his music: amplified, rarefied, multiplied and, above all, enhanced.

Tickets on sale Friday 25th May at 3:00 pm at the price of 20€ (plus booking fee) on Redtkt and Ticketmaster.