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Primavera Sound Touring Party’s El reality has started today with the broadcast of its first episode, that shows the first concert of the tour in Barcelona and you can see the rehearsals of Lee Ranaldo y Los Dust, Refree and Standstill as well as fragments of their respective concerts in BARTS and other interesting snippets from their stay in Barcelona.

In the next episode, which will be shown on Thursday morning, there will be moments from the second part of the concerts that took place in the Apolo and La [2]. This time the protagonists will be The Free Fall Band, Extraperlo, Svper, Paus, Adult, Headbirds, Dj Coco, Graham, Dj Fra and Shelby Grey.

El reality will go on until the 5th December and will show the day to day life of the bands in each city of the tour: Barcelona, Zaragoza, Gijon, Santander, Valladolid, Camber Sands, Santiago de Compostela, London, Bordeaux, Bilbao, Valencia and Madrid.

You can already see the first episode and follow El reality through Google+ and Rockdelux.