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Primavera Sound Touring Party, the Barcelona-promoter initiative that will take 11 national and international bands on a tour that will cover much of Spain and will visit some cities in England and France, will create its own reality show to give first hand insight into the tour and into the life of the participating artists on and off the stage.

Lee Ranaldo y Los Dust, Standstill, Paus, Refree, Extraperlo, Svper and Los Planetas are some of the protagonists of "El reality", whose daily broadcast will start on Wednesday 20th November, just a few days after the start of the Primavera Sound Touring Party in Barcelona and will go on until the 5th December.

During those two weeks, the programme will show the day-to-day life of the bands, apart from the actual concerts, showing the other side of a music tour, with the difficulties and sacrifices that it entails and the thoughts and preoccupations of the artists themselves.

This audio-visual format aims to take the experience of playing live and living on the road into the homes of the spectators and fans through the social networks, to attract their attention and encourage them to enjoy live music. The initiative’s objective through this proposal is to contribute to liven up Spanish music venues during this winter and to bring bands and musicians closer to the public.

"El reality" will be broadcast exclusively through the Primavera Sound page on Google+ and Rockdelux will follow the adventures of the artists very closely and will do a road diary with one of their journalists who will be on one of the coaches and will participate in the trip. The Catalan brewery Moritz will be the official sponsor of the Touring Party.

To whet your appetite, from the 28th October some previews will be shown in which the protagonists will “confess” and will get ready to go on the road on the two coaches that will take them to all the cities of the tour: Barcelona, Bilbao, Bordeaux, Camber Sands, Gijón, London, Madrid, Santander, Santiago de Compostela, Valencia, Valladolid and Zaragoza.