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Primavera Sound Touring Party is putting the final touches and adding more artists to some of the dates of this tour, which, in November, will travel around Spain, the UK and France. The DJs Fra, Coco and Graham will join the previously confirmed bands and there will also be a live performance by the American band Adult, who will play in the Barcelona Nitsa Club on the 16th November.

Last May the veteran Detroit duo Adult released their fifth studio album, called "The Way Things Fall", another step in Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller’s atypical career. They have recorded on labels such as Thrill Jockey, Ghostly Int., Kill Rock Stars, Clone and their own label Ersatz Audio as well as having directed experimental films and done installations in museums.

Resident DJ of La [2] de Nitsa and for many years the person responsible for making the Nitsa Club nights rock, DJ Coco from Barcelona still devotes all his energy to discovering new tracks in shops and at festivals and so his sessions are a fantastic retrospective journey through the history of pop music. So much so that for years his set has been closing the Primavera Sound festival. Lately he has been playing anthems at clubs in Helsinki and Los Angeles and at festivals such as Paredes de Coura and ATP.

DJ Fra combines his residency at Nitsa Club with his work in the organisation of the festival Primavera Sound. His strengths at the decks lie in his versatility and good choice of music, strengths that he has developed through his many years of playing during which he has accumulated an absolutely phenomenal record collection. Fra is also known for his work as producer in the duo Ferenc, on the Cologne-based label Kompact.

Graham, resident of La [2] de Nitsa and a regular at the best national clubs and festivals, combines the latest sounds with the classics in his sets. His sessions draw their force from first-rate soul, psychedelia and material sixties and the latest from all genres, from electro pop to post punk.

Dates and venues where these artists will play below:

Saturday 16th November – Barcelona
Nitsa Club: ADULT live! + DJ FRA
La [2] De Nitsa: DJ COCO + GRAHAM

Saturday 23rd de November - ATP vs Primavera Sound / Camber Sands (UK)

Monday 25th de November - Londres (XOYO)

Saturday 30th de November - Madrid (Ochoymedio)