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At the last minute the Town Hall in Madrid has imposed a considerable reduction of the capacity of the Nave de Terneras at Matadero Madrid

The maximum capacity of the Nave de Terneras, one of the rooms in Matadero Madrid, where the Madrid edition of San Miguel Primavera Club 2012 will take place this weekend, has been drastically reduced to 100 people by express order of the Arganzuela Municipal Council.

This new figure imposed by this Council, part of Madrid Town Hall contrasts greatly with the capacity of 800 people initially confirmed by Matadero Madrid, calculated on the basis of their previous experience with no specific permit having been needed to comply with capacity regulations.

As this setback does not effect the total capacity of the event, only the capacity of one venue, the organisation has decided to maintain the programme without changing the timetable and to offer to those of you who prefer not to attend the festival in Madrid the possibility to get a refund for your full festival ticket or day ticket from today until Thursday 6th December inclusive. To get a refund you have to send an email to with the subject “ Refunds Madrid” during this period. As far as the combined Primavera Club 2012 + Primavera Sound 2013 (Barcelona or Oporto) full festival tickets are concerned you will have to ask for a refund of the total cost of both tickets.

The returned tickets will be put on sale at the doors of Matadero Madrid on Friday 8th December from 3pm o’clock at their original price of 45€ for the full festival ticket and 25€ for the day ticket.

The organisation of the festival wants to underline their dissatisfaction with the bureaucratic complications that have arisen with this town-hall-owned venue and considers that, given the problematic circumstances, this could be the last edition of San Miguel Primavera Club en Madrid.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this may cause and appreciate your understanding.