The Menzingers

  • Wednesday May 22

    La (2) de Apolo


  • Thursday May 23

    Independance Club


For a punk band to get the seal-of-approval from Milo Aukerman of the Descendents is on a par with performing in the Super Bowl halftime show and with getting exceptional reviews.  No, that’s a lie: it’s way better. The Menzingers have something to be proud of, and it is because they are much more than one of the most exciting bands of new punk rock. They invoke the energy of Anti-Flag together with Springsteen’s romanticism and the morning-after nostalgia of the Replacements, influences that underpin the melodies that are worthy of the Descendents themselves.

Active since 2006, it was with On The Impossible Past, their third album and debut on Epitaph that the band made a giant leap forward. The album made best album of 2012 in media including Noisey, RockZone and Absolut Punk. Milo Aukerman claimed that he was inspired by its emotional dimension. Since then the Philadelphia quartet has released two albums which are just as good, Rented World (2014) and After The Party (2017), and two new tracks Toy Soldiers and The Freaks, that hint that their sixth album could be in the pipeline.

Whatever happens, this year Greg Barnett (guitar, vocals), Tom May (guitar, vocals), Eric Keen (bass) and Joe Godino (drums) will play in venues in our country for the first time ever. This will take place on 22nd May in La (2) de Apolo (Barcelona) and on 23rd in the venue Independance (Madrid), in a tour jointly organised by Primavera Sound and Hello Cleveland.


After a six year hiatus, illinoise from Vidreres came back to the hardcore scene this past January with a new album and stronger than ever. ‘166’  comes propelled by the strength of their singer Nina, their blazing guitars and solid as a rock rhythm section.


The Blackjaw from Madrid feel at home at the crossroads between punk rock, alternative rock and post hardcore. Harshness, melody and power are the main ingredients on the songs from their latest album ‘Men Of Prey’.

WEDNESDAY 22nd MAY - BARCELONA (LA (2) DE APOLO) + illinoise



20:00 - Doors open
20:30 - Illionise
21:30 - The Menzingers


20:00 - Doors open
20:30 - The Blackjaw
21:30 - The Menzingers

Tickets on sale on Redtkt and Ticketmaster at the price of 20 € (plus distribution costs). Box office: 24 €

Points of sale: Barcelona: Redtkt / Ticketmaster

Points of sale: Madrid: Redtkt / Ticketmaster