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  • Sunday March 1

    Sala Apolo


+ Poolside

Scott Hansen aka Tycho says in the text that accompanies the single Easy, which he released in April, that ”music can transport us to other realities”. What he doesn’t mention, because our friend Scott is a cool guy, is that not all music has that virtue and that it cannot be measured according to the charts, even if it is worth millions. Another thing he doesn’t explain, because cool guys don’t do that, is that his music does have it.

With the emotional electronic music by the Californian artist that aims at both the head and the feet, made to move people both emotionally and physically, it is easy to travel from one place to another without even leaving your home. Sometimes, it takes us to places that we have already been to; and at others to destinations that we have never set foot in. Sometimes, it can even mix everything up: who says that you cannot feel nostalgia for a place that you don’t know yet, for an era that you haven’t lived? In 2006 it was made very clear to us that you can when he released Past Is Prologue, his first album, full of songs that seemed to imagine Instagram filters ages before they were even invented. Since then, over the next three albums, reality has passed through Tycho’s hands making it right on target.

The night will start off with Californian “daytime disco” by Poolside, Jeffrey Paradise’s project, presenting the refreshing tracks of his two albums.

1st MARCH 2020 - BARCELONA (SALA APOLO) + Poolside

Tickets on sale at the price of 25 € on Redtkt and Ticketmaster.

Points of sale: Barcelona: Redtkt / Ticketmaster